In 2015, I was working as a personal assistant in Nashville, TN.  Though I worked full time I found myself unable to afford the small luxuries in life, which I considered to be anything above $20. My taste in jewelry 100% did not match my budget.

Unfaltered by my financial limitations I decided to make my own pieces. Pieces inspired by classically beautiful jewelry I couldn't afford. Turns out, the styles I created were more universal than I ever anticipated.

Looks from strangers turned into compliments and compliments turned into bidding wars to buy the chain right off my neck!

Pushed by encouragement from family, friends and the local community, I set up a small pop up outside of Juice Bar. Within about 4 hours I made the equivalent of what I would’ve made with 2 weeks worth of work at my day job. That very first day proved to me that this would be worth pursuing.

From that moment, the vision for Bullets and Pearls has always been clear. To provide timeless and classic pieces of  jewelry to be loved and restyled by the modern woman at an affordable price.



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